Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Port Aransas Adventures

We had a wonderful, speedy weekend in Port Aransas. Michael flew in around midnight on Thursday night and crawled in bed around 1AM. Around 8AM the next morning, we were in the car and on our way to Port Aransas. We made great time and met Cheris and Rob and the kids there before lunch. As soon as we could eat and change we were on the beach! We spent the whole afternoon down there, really enjoying the sunshine, the children and each other. The was a lot of seaweed, but the kids didn't seem to mind and the waves were great for boogie boarding. That evening we ate dinner and relaxed and went to bed early!
Saturday was a slow, leisurely start with coffee, cartoons and electronic devices. Then we loaded up the car and drove down the beach to meet the Mylius family. We shared their EZ up and stayed all day on the beach. Cheris and I share a dream of a family sabbatical and sat side by side reading the same travel planning book. That evening we ate dinner in and then watched "Escape to Witch Mountain" for family movie night. It was surprisingly enjoyable.
Sunday we had to pack up and then dashed into town for candy at Winton's and shark pictures and some souvenirs. Then I drove into Corpus and dropped Michael off at the airport before meeting Cheris and Rob and kids for lunch at Joe's crab shack and the final drive home.
We had so much fun. We have traveled so much with Cheris and Rob that we have a great routine and an easy camaraderie. The kids love each other and seldom fight and we are all one big happy family. Hooray for friends and the beach!

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cheris said...

It was a lovely and much needed break. Thank you! :)

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