Monday, June 23, 2014

Smile Down Upon My Village

We have been so busy. This last week flew by. Michael was home for his one week this summer. It was a good week for him to be home as both kids were sick and missed most of their camps. We got a sitter on Thursday night and went to the free Concert in the Park series to see Shelley King and Sarah Brown. They were great, the weather was lovely and its as fun to hangout with my parents on a picnic blanket and listen to great music.
Friday night we had an outdoor movie. We watched the Parent Trap and had a nice group of people there. My kids put themselves to bed early again. I think they may be morning larks like their mama.
Saturday we volunteered with Little Helping Hands at the Animal Shelter and had a wonderful time and would have come home with a new pet if we hadn't had plans to leave town this week. We are such softies. Sam begged us to let him volunteer there as soon as he turned thirteen. While there we heard that my grandma had fallen and fractured her pelvis, so we rushed home to help. Michael and the boys and I took dad out for a day on the town while mom took Grandma to the hospital for x-rays. She will have to be in a wheel chair for four to five weeks and we are all working hard today to get everything organized and settled for her.
It takes a village.
Michael is gone again for the week. This time to Boston. The stress of leaving is hard on our whole family. Michael and I love each other so much and he is working so hard to be an amazing father and husband. This constant traveling is a strain, but I have confidence we will make it through- together- and with lots of travel points. :)
Still, it takes a village.
I sang a solo at the UU chuch yesterday. I was so nervous and flustered, but I did it pretty well and felt good afterwards. My parents were there. They are always there to see me perform, even when it is just a solo at church. It makes me want to cry to know how much they love and support me.
I want to support them, too.
Still, I have itchy feet. I am so looking forward to our long 2.5 week vacation. We will escape the Texas heat and explore the Pacific Northwest. I have this idea that I want to move to the pacific northwest, someday. Lush green and rain appeals to me. But I will have to bring my village with me. I wonder how I can convince them to go.
I have lists and lists of things to do before we leave on our vacation. Sometimes I don't know if I will get it all done. But I do. I get it all done or else I don't and it still works out.
And my back still hurts, but falls to the wayside. I will deal with it when I get home. I don't have time for injections and dealing with scheduling. I realize that if it hurt badly enough, I wouldn't push it and would schedule now, so maybe this is a good sign. Still hurts, though.
I need the goddess of good fortune to send quick healing (and a new wheelchair and some full time caregivers) to my Grandma, help for my mama who has WAY too much weight on her shoulders, rest for my papa who is so tired all the time, peace to my harried husband, and pain relief for my back. My children are having a splendid time at horse camp this week and seem to have plenty of good fortune already.
That goddess smiles down upon my family so much, maybe we've worn her out, but I'm still asking. I'm a greedy girl.

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