Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Activities

The kids are happily filling their summer free time. Davis is continuing piano lessons and adding guitar lessons with Samuel. They are continuing their horse riding lessons as well. They are crafting a lot. We went to the library and both boys checked out a lot of books and are spending hours each day reading. My mom taught Davis to iron and we've been practicing. This is a great thing because Davis now only wants to wear short sleeved "cowboy" shirts with pearl snaps. We've been swimming and tubing and yesterday we attempted to make peach jam and succeeded in making peach syrup. But it's delicious!
We head to the beach this weekend. I will be so happy to wiggle my toes in the sand, canoodle with my husband during his forty eight hours in town, watch the kids play in the water and get in lots of time with our friends.
It's hot and humid already so I am also really looking forward to the wind on the beach. Yay, summer!

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