Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It is very lonely around here without Michael. This is his fifth week in a row that he has been gone and I am so glad I had that week with him in Denver, but the kids are really missing him. Missing him and acting out. yay.

It is also very lonely this week without my parents, but I am also enjoying getting to be a stay-at-home mom and getting lots of things done. Sam is home in the mornings while Davis is at math camp and I have enjoyed getting to spend some one-on-one time with Sam. I have also managed to get some time to work on my 20 year reunion, see doctors and protest my property taxes.

As I am planning out the summer, I have realized that after next week, the summer is going to FLY by. We will only be home 1 week in July.
Future trips planned for the summer:
10 days in the Pacific Northwest followed by a one week Alaskan Disney Cruise
1 week in Portland, Oregon as we tag along with Michael for work
4 days in Seattle for my friend's baby shower
4 days in Port Aransas
4 days in Puerto Morelos
I have paid for almost all of those (except for the disney cruise which is a gift from the best in-laws EVER!) with either points or a combination of points and cash.

Between the above trips (some of which he will not be able to participate in) and work, Michael will only be home one week this summer. Total. One week at home between the beginning of May and the middle of August. So far.

My back is still hurting very much. It was under control and then it flared up a couple of weeks ago and it is bad. My L3 nerve root is compressed by a combination of a bulging disk and stenosis and bone spurs. Steroid injections didn't work so now I'm on pain meds. I'm waiting to see my back doctor again on Friday and today I saw a chiropractor. We'll see if they can help me.

Davis and Samuel spend at least two hours a day curled up somewhere with a novel. At least two hours every day. This makes me so, so, happy. Happy that they share my love of reading and happy that they leave me alone and are quiet for that long.

It's the evenings that are most lonely-that time after dinner and before bedtime, when the sun is still shining outside, but the phone quits ringing as everyone else spends time with their families. For those of you full time single parents, I salute you. And please feel free to give me a call at dinner time. I am here.

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