Sunday, August 17, 2014

August is Too Hot

Note to self: Leave town in August. We had a lovely June and a relatively cool July. And then there was August. Strings of days of over 100 degree heat. No rain. Crunchy grass. Ants. Cracks in the dirt. Steering wheel too hot to touch.
I spoke to a travel agent about getting out of the heat next summer and asked her opinion on North Carolina. She warned me it could get "quite hot" there in the summer, most days getting into the mid eighties. I just sighed and told her I understood.
Thank goodness for pools and rivers and slip'n'slides and air conditioning! I love Texas Oct-May, but August in Texas- I don't like you one bit.

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Christina said...

Maine, or anywhere in northern New England. Northern Michigan. Wisconsin. Idaho. Oregon. Washington. In other words: Go North!

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