Friday, September 12, 2014

Back in the Swing

We are back in the swing of things around here. The lazy, indolent days of summer are finally over and every day is very busy. Michael's schedule will change next week and we are happy, because out of the last 15 days, he has only been home for 1 of them. The rest of the time he has been in California. I miss him so much and will be so glad to have him home tomorrow.
The boys have been adjusting to the responsibilities and routines of school and have begun lessons. We had cub scout round up on Monday night and the boys were so happy to be scouting again and to see their friends. I wore my new den leader shirt and secretly thought how glad I was that Michael's schedule has changed again and he will, after all, be able to be leader himself and let me off the hook! I also took both boys to chess club on Wednesday night at the activity center. Davis has become really interested in chess since we got him a chess set in Mexico. He has read a book on it and practiced with his dad and had a great time at the chess club. Samuel had his first lesson there and loved it! Davis has returned to his piano lessons and Samuel is starting soccer and Davis is starting horse back riding again next Thursday. So, you know, lessons.
I'm enjoying my new work schedule and feeling helpful and useful and yet still having time to call my own. I think it is a very good balance.
We had a "ranch happy hour" last night and had a wonderful time. We picked a new date and time for this semester and we will continue our tradition of spending a weekly happy hour together with the family.
The weekends are filling up with our usual fall activities of camping, theater, family and fun. I really love the fall. I love the whispers and hints from mother nature that the endless heat might be ending. I love the reconnecting with friends and passions that have fallen away during the summer. I love the gentle routine that is created by school and lessons, which helps the kids know what to expect and shapes our days.

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