Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cool Weather and other Favorite things

This weekend has been a great one full of my favorite things.

1. Dutchman Winery. I love this place. It is beautiful, the wine is good, they have a playground the food at the Trattoria is excellent. I spent Friday afternoon there and really enjoyed it.
2. Bocce Ball. I played bocce ball with my mom and nephew and the kids at Casa Pacifica in the cool, fall air and felt it was perfection.
3. My husband. He is home! He came home Saturday afternoon and I was giddy with his presence. I love that man.

4. Friends. I had a lovely family dinner at Railyard on Friday evening with our friends and it was so good to see everybody after a scattered summer.
5. San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Church. I have the very best church filled with open, intelligent, warm, kind people. I love it there.

6. My nephew. I have gotten to spend time with my nephew Kaden lately and he is so smart and funny and kind. My boys love to play with him and they all get along so well! I took the three of them to a cub scout nerf war and hike on Saturday morning and they had such a blast together.
7. Cooler weather! We had rain and a cold front and the weather this weekend has been absolutely lovely! I've been outside taking walks, hiking, wading in the river and soaking it all in.

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