Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Orleans Sept, 2014

One day while perusing Southwest Airline's website, I saw some fares to New Orleans for very few points. I checked the calendar and saw that we had the weekend empty and so I quickly booked them, acknowledging that it might not work, but we could always cancel with no penalty.
I checked with mom and dad and they said yes we could all go and stay in their condo! I checked with Martha and Clark, and they said they could keep the kids. Hooooray vacation!
I had a cyst removed on my leg the day before we left, so I hobbled onto the airplane, but I made it! I love New Orleans, but for Michael, it is his power spot.
We ate and ate and listened to music, and I limped around, and we enjoyed the cooler weather and rain and we ate some more. I love traveling with my mom and dad. We have so much fun together. Michael is so great with my dad and my mom and I are just the very best of friends.
On this trip, we hit the Spotted Cat for jazz swing, Revolution for an amazing fancy dinner, Three Muses for appetizers, Columns Hotel for brunch with Sophie and family, SOBou for wine tasting and wonderful food, Irvin Mayfields Jazz Club for jazz, RF Martini Bar for Ingrid Lucia, Delachaise Wine Bar for duck fat french fries, French Market for shopping, Goorin Hats, Meyers Hatters (for hats, duh), Chartres Street for fabulous new shoes, Royal Street for window shopping, Frenchman Street for more jazz and Domenica for the best pizza of my life. Good times.

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