Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beauty and the Beast Musical- and my interior monologue

We took the kids to see the touring Broadway show of Beauty and the Beast. We had front row balcony seats which were great. The kids had never seen the disney movie, but loved the play. I thought it was good, but not wonderful.
Watching musicals is hard for me. It embodies the word "bitter sweet". I love musicals. I love theater. I love it so much that it was all I did in school, what I have my degree in and what I chose for my profession. And then I happily gave it up and chose to be a mom and wife and live a life of leisure. But I miss it. I'm so jealous of those people on stage singing and dancing and pouring it out there. I miss the camaraderie of the cast and I get lost in the what ifs. I am inspired by each show I see and tormented. The last two nights I've dreamed about being back in that life. Let's see, I spent the the years between my 8th birthday and my 28th doing theater pretty much full time and then I've spent the last ten years (I'll be 38 in March) doing none. Zero. Crazy.
So there's that.
But I love my broadway series subscription and I love seeing theater, so you'll probably keep hearing me rant about this.
And the kids and Michael enjoyed the show and so did I and that was the point of this post.
Do you ever get tired of my stream of consciousness blogging?
After the show we drove over to Barton Creek mall for dinner at CPK and some lego store browsing.
P.S. How cute are my men in their Goorin Brothers hats we bought in New Orleans. I love my boys so much. They are totally worth it all.

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