Sunday, October 19, 2014

Camping at Palmetto

We had a lovely October weekend camping at Palmetto. The kids had the day off from school on Friday so we were able to head out there early. The weather was sunny and bright, but cool in the night. Martha and Clark came and spent the afternoon with us and Clark fished with the boys and then our friends Cheris and Rob, Stacey and Chris and Odille and Tom and their respective children all arrived and we all had so much fun. The park is beautiful and so kid friendly. We went on trail hikes and the kids rode the paddle boats and their bikes and they waded in the river and we played hedbanz, and soccer and baseball and frisbee and I got to sing and dance with the kids and we made banana boats and I got to talk to my friends and sit by the campfire and practice my spanish and I enjoyed it all thoroughly. I think I might *like* camping. Gasp. The kids are old enough to run free and we've sort of got the camping thing figured out and we went out there with some really good friends, so there were lots of reasons for me to like it. Palmetto is a great park and so close by. I'm really glad this is how we chose to spend the weekend.
P.S. All the good photos are taken by Cheris. She really is amazing and such a good friend to have around. :)

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