Monday, October 6, 2014

Enchanted Rock with the Cub Scouts

We went camping with the cub scouts at Enchanted Rock this weekend. We had beautiful weather- no humidity and low eighties as the highs and crisp and cold at night. I had snuggle deep under my sleeping bag to stay warm! This has been my favorite campground thus far. We had beautiful spot and plenty of room to spread out. Friday evening Michael and Samuel went with the Webelos and Davis for a hike to the summit. They came back after dark and we all made banana boats and sat by the fire and went to bed late.
Saturday morning I went with a bunch of kids on another hike to the summit. I had never been to Enchanted Rock before and even though my stitches were still very sore, I really wanted to climb the rock. It was worth it! The view is incredible. We got back from our hike in time for a quick lunch (I had packed an amazing farro, kale and delicata squash salad with lemon-tahini dressing) and then we met for our official cub scout campout meeting. Michael and I and our other leaders helped lead Samuel's den through a booklet that helped them earn their junior ranger badge. Davis did more hiking with the Webelos. Then Michael took them hiking again and then Elizabeth (other wolf leader) taught them the cutest song called "Bazooka Bubble Gum" to perform at the night ceremony. Then we rested a bit before hiking to dinner. After dinner, the whole scout pack went on another hike to the summit, but my boys declined and we helped clean up and rested again. Then the pack met up again for the evening ceremony. Each den did a skit and a song and then Michael stood up and told a wonderful "scary" story. Then a hike back and we all fell exhausted into our tents. The night was really blustery and the wind kept me up, but the kids seemed to sleep very well!
Sunday morning came early, but we climbed out of bed and went to help Elizabeth and Beto cook for 50 tiger and wolf families! Then we packed up and slowly broke down camp.
We made it into Fredericksburg right around 11AM, just as Oktoberfest was opening! Michael and I simply cannot pass up a festival and so we rallied all remaining energy, hit the ATM up for cash and made our way to the gates. We had a really good time. The weather was still perfect, the polka was pumping, the kids area wasn't too crowded yet and they had those really delicious spiral cut potatoes that I drenched in hot sauce and devoured.
We made our way home after a few hours, unpacked the truck and then bathed for a really long time. We were in our jammies by 4:30 and I didn't move much after that. I'm still exhausted, but it was really such a wonderful time.
We have great friends in scouts and we love sharing these special outdoor adventures with our kids.
I almost like camping on weekends like these.

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