Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sacred Springs Powwow

Saturday morning was the San Marcos Sacred Springs Powwow. This is an amazing event offered annually at Aquarena Springs. The whole family attended. Dad was one of the original founders of the event and this powwow is near and dear to all of our hearts.
The powwow is really fun and so good for the children. We ate Navajo tacos on fry bread and then the kids stopped at the arts and craft booths to make dream catchers and drums. My nephew stopped at the row of vendors and bought a tomahawk. We eventually made our way to the main tent to watch the dancers and the drum circle. We were sat and watched the dancers for about an hour and even got to participate in a dance.
The emcee made sure to explain each dance and tradition so we really learned a lot, especially the boys. I am so glad that the boys are able to learn and enjoy the indigenous culture here in our hometown.

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