Sunday, November 23, 2014

Samuel is Eight

My sweet, silly, sensitive, wonderful boy is eight! He brought home his journal on Friday and I got to read his daily thoughts. I am so in love with my boy. He cares so much and just wants everyone to be happy.
He was so excited about his birthday this year. We celebrated it twice. We had a campout with friends in Bastrop last weekend for my friend Stacey's 40th birthday (Who-Wee Jamboree! Pictures up next.) and we were able to sing to Samuel with all his friends and have a big scavenger hunt and eat cake balls and oreos. He loved it.

Samuel's actual birthday coincided with his last day at his current school. (We decided to withdraw the boys.) We picked him up from school along with six of his friends and drove them to my parent's house where we had a pile of legos waiting for them. Several more boys of the seven and eight year old variety were dropped off at the house and we had a sweet, happy, lego party complete with the Lego movie and apple pie and both sets of grandparents. Samuel was very, very, pleased.
His birthday ended with a sleepover with Violet and Graham and a morning of lots of lego building.

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