Monday, December 8, 2014

Jingle Bell Run and Date Night

We had a lovely week. Wednesday evening we met up with most of San Marcos at the Sights and Sounds of Christmas. Davis and Samuel met up with a large gaggle of their friends and disappeared into the carnival. This time with friends was really good for them, because we withdrew the children from their school the week of Thanksgiving. They were thrilled to still be able to spend time with them.
Friday morning I drove up with my dad to meet my sister at the mall. We walked around and bought presents for mom and some foster children. We had a lovely lunch and I got to spend time with my sister and my dad and it was great. That evening at home, Michael and Davis and Samuel and I curled up and watched some Christmas specials as a family.
Saturday morning we woke up early and Michael and Davis headed off for the Jingle Bell 5K run. Samuel and I met them there a bit later so that Samuel could join them for a 1K fun run. They all did very well. Davis ran the 5K in 30 minutes. I was impressed. After the run we headed for the activity center so the boys could play there soccer game. Davis played the whole game. He is a fitness machine.
When the game was over, we met Martha and Clark and handed our children over. Michael and I drove up to Austin to begin our date. We had a late lunch at a Thai place and then made our way to the Hyatt Place downtown. I won a free night in a twitter contest and had to use it before the new year, which was the impetus of the trip. The hotel is very, very, nice and they gave us a corner king on the 10th floor with views overlooking Austin and big picture windows across to full sides. We sipped wine and watched Harry Potter in bed and then took a nap before heading over to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz to see Master Pancake Theater make fun of Tom Hanks in a clip show called "Hanksgiving". It was very funny and we loved sitting up high in the love seats in the balcony. I kicked off my shoes and reclined my seat and cuddled with Michael and drank Ruby Lady cocktails.
At the end of the show we met up with our wonderful friends Sarah and Skip and walked over to the Driskill bar, where we scored a table and sat down to talk and talk and share a bottle of wine and reconnect with these amazing people that we haven't seen in so long.
We walked back to our hotel and slept in the next morning before heading home. The kids had had a fabulous weekend with their grandparents. They got a new air hockey game and played pick up sticks and decorated the tree. Michael and I changed into comfy clothes and joined our family. We addressed Christmas cards, sorted through the UPS boxes containing Christmas gifts, and made cookies with the kids. We ended the weekend where we started, curled up on the couch watching a christmas movie.
It was a great weekend and just what we needed. Michael and I got away and reconnected. We did all the things you never get to do in a regular week as parents- we read, we had uninterrupted conversation, we slept. The kids got to spend some quality time with their grandparents whom they really and truly adore. And we really got into the Christmas spirit. Win-win. I didn't take any pictures of our date night. I was too busy living it, but I did get some cute pictures of the Jingle Bell run.
There are things that are going on in my life that I can't put on the blog right now. Private, personal changes that can't be discussed on a public forum for various reasons. I know that lately my posts are just fluff and recaps of my life. I'm sorry about that. Maybe I'll get a recipe up here, soon. ;)

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