Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celebrity Summit Day 4 St. Lucia and Q-Sine

We woke up early on day four to get ready to go ashore in St. Lucia. I was really excited about this one because I had never been to St. Lucia. I had booked a private tour with Discover Soufriere. We exited the cruise terminal and met our guide standing with a sign. He walked us a few blocks over to his car and we loaded up. Our guide drove us all over the island. We stopped and tasted banana products (bananas are their main export) and rum products. Michael didn't do well with this at all as he wasn't feeling well. I loved it and bought banana ketchup and banana barbecue sauce. We also sampled the local bananas. Then we drove on to visit a banana plantation and stopped for some amazing views. We purchased some cute banana leaf grasshoppers for the kids and took lots of pictures. St. Lucia is gorgeous! We wound around and around the island through the mountains. We got out of the car and admired the beautiful Pitons. We stopped at a little shop for cassava bread, as I had always heard of it and wanted to try it. We stopped at Marigot Bay and walked out to the water, admiring views and looking at the local crafts.
Eventually we made our way to the Diamond Waterfall/Botanical Garden where we wandered around and admired the amazing plants and flowers growing. It most reminded us of the road to Hana in Hawaii. It was lush and gorgeous and colorful.
After the botanical garden, we drove on to the volcano. It is really neat as you can drive right into it. We stopped and had a tour of the volcano. The kids loved the idea of it, but hated the sulfur smell of it all. When we had thoroughly explored the volcano, we walked down the block to mud baths. We changed into our swim clothes and got all covered in mud before descending the steps into the warm mineral baths. It felt wonderful! My back immediately felt better and my skin was great for a week after. I highly recommend it.
We were sadly out of cash after this bit and so we couldn't do any more activities, but we asked our guide what kind of lunch we could get for our last measly $10 bill. He took us to a Rastafarian food trailer! We were absolutely delighted! We ordered a ton of delicious all vegetarian foods and walked over to a gazebo in Soufriere to eat. It was perfect.
We drove the hour back to the ship quickly and this proved a very bad idea for Samuel, who couldn't take the hair pin turns without the breaks that we had done on the way in. He puked his guts out on the side of the road, wasting perfectly good Rastafarian food.
We got back to the ship and showered and rested and both Michael and Samuel recovered and then we dressed up and headed our for our dinner reservation at Q-sine. Q-sine is a specialty restaurant onboard the Celebrity Summit and is known for it's inventive, whimsical molecular gastronomy. The room was beautiful with big velvet armchairs and upside down chandeliers. We ordered off of an iPad and were brought course after course of beautiful food. It was a challenge to get non-dairy items for Samuel, but we managed. We really enjoyed the food and loved the presentation, but Michael and I will go without the children next time as they did not love it as much as we did and were tired and cranky.

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