Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Celebrity Summit St. Maarten and day at Sea

The next day we slept in and then loaded our beach bag to go ashore in St. Maarten. We love St. Maarten. Half of the island is french and the other half is dutch so we can get great wine and great cheese!
We walked off the ship and out of the cruise terminal and caught a taxi to our favorite beach, Le Galion. We had visited this beach on our NCL Epic Cruise and had loved it. We got there mid day and grabbed a couple of lounge chairs. Michael promptly went to get us some excellent french rose wine and the kids went to rent a kayak. The weather was amazing and warm and perfect. The water was shallow and clear and full of children playing. The government had added blue partitions at the end of the cove to make a swimming pool and the kids loved it. We spent the day on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, playing, eating fabulous food at the cafe, surfing the free internet and making friends with the people around us.
The next day we decided to not get off the boat again. We stayed on board and had a fabulous day! The kids did the club, we did the spa, we hung out by the pool, Michael and I played scrabble, we drank fancy coffees in the cafe, we played chess in the library, we wrote postcards. We relaxed. It was perfect.
That night, Michael and I let the kids eat with the club and went out to eat at a very fancy french restaurant on board called the Normandie. The service and the food was elegant and excellent. It was a wonderful last meal on board the Summit.

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