Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MLK weekend at Port A 2015

We had an amazing weekend in Port Aransas with our friends, Cheris and Rob and the kids. The weather was gorgeous, sunny for the first time after two weeks of dismal cold and grey. We are such good friends, and we've done this vacation so many times, that we fall into a rhythm of fun. The kids play well together too. We played two new board games with the kids, which were really fun. One day we took them to the park in the morning to ride scooters, look for dolphins, play with Tito and Nico and fly kites. We ended up staying all day! The grownups played horseshoes and chatted. We had lunch at Fin's with amazing red snapper tacos. Tito and Nico's abuela took all of the kids on an hour long ferry tour that she had arranged through her TXdot connections. We went and drank with Beto and Elizabeth at Giggity's and eat mussels. It was a long lovely day. That evening we drank and ate tacos and watched Into the Woods with the kids and then put them to bed and got into the hot tub. It was a great night.
The next day we stayed in all morning playing and then slowly made our way out to the beach for sand play and kite flying. Rob and I made a huge dash into the dunes to save a runaway kite and the kids found an amazing pelican skeleton in the sand. Michael went out to buy shrimp and then peeled it for us. We went out to the front lawn and the kids rode scooters and tried out tennis and shuffleboard. We played bocce ball and drank and snacked out at the picnic table. Finally we moved into the house and I made jambalaya with shrimp and then we watched the dark, sad second act of Into the Woods.
Monday morning we made breakfast and played a game and Cheris and I went for a long walk on the beach before packing it up and heading into town. We ate at Port A Burger and then hit Wintons before heading home. I was so sorry to leave as we had had such a splendid time. This may have been my most relaxed, fun and easy trip ever. I am truly grateful for our friends!

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I agree.
Nice sunrise shot!

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