Saturday, January 10, 2015

Southern Caribbean Celebrity Summit Days 3 and 4- Barbados

Our first full day at sea was really enjoyable. The kids spent the whole day at the kids club, Michael did a tour of the ship's galley while I worked out and then we attended a Top Chef Quick Fire and I was chosen to participate! We had a team mate and had to grate cheese, squeeze oranges, separate eggs and whisk the egg whites. My teammate wasn't very good and so we lost, but it was exciting to participate and a whole lot of fun.
We ate lunch with the kids and then returned them to the club while we went to a very fancy wine tasting where I got drunk on Chataneuf de Pape and then went to take a nap. After a rest, we were revived and so we picked up the kids and we all got really dressed up for formal night.
The next day we docked in Barbados and we hopped off the boat and took a shuttle to beach just outside of town. This was our only ship excursion. We lay on the beach and sampled the local beer while the kids hunted red flecked coral and enjoyed the pink sand and turquoise water. They snorkeled a bit and made friends with other kids and then we ate a light lunch before returning to our ship. That evening we sampled a martini at the martini bar (topped with ice) and then sat down to another long dinner where the kids whiled away the time in between courses reading their books and eating the entire bread basket.

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