Monday, March 2, 2015

Cold, Rainy Life

We have had cold, wet weather since we've been home from Mardi Gras. I have valiantly fought and defeated the worst sinus infection of my life, undoubtably exacerbated by our exhausting fun at Mardi Gras. I have given up alcohol and friend and sugary things for a time and slept at least 11 hours every day. I am finally back to normal(ish).
The weather has kept us mostly inside and it is a cozy place to be.
I have read several great books and we have made many fires in the fire place. The kids love to help place the paper and wood and carefully scrape the flint and strike the steel. The dogs have moved in with us and we have enjoyed their loving adoration.
I have spent lovely long days with my father as his health has improved as well and we have ventured out on small errands and built our own fires in his fireplace.
I chaperoned the fourth graders in Davis's class to the Bob Bullock Texas History museum on a day when all schools in Austin were delayed for weather. We had the museum practically to ourselves and the children had a grand, though slightly frantic, time.
We hosted a two play dates, once with two of Davis's closest friends, and and once with Samuel's. Michael and Mom and I drove to Austin to see Once, which delighted my father and me, and sent my husband and mother into sleepiness. The music was fantastic and the harmonies perfection. Rob and Cheris kept the boys while we went to the theater and after we all descended upon them for fellowship and food and cocktails. I love them so much and I am so grateful for their friendship. We have good friends all around.
I attended book group with my mother hosted and we sipped pink strawberry cocktails and discussed a fabulous book, "Big Little Lies", by Liane Moriarty which we all really enjoyed. Then we strategized the campaign of my fabulous friend, Anne Halsey as she prepares to run for school board. She would be so fantastic on the board. I will do everything I can to support her.
Michael and Davis have spent over 20 hours so far working on his science project. They built a little car and a motor and have been testing various types of power to run the car. It is a lot of work, but it is so fun to see them work together so well on something they are both excited about.
We seem to have had a break through with Davis as we have given him motivation to slow down at his school work and check his work. We took away his kindle fire and his grades shot through the roof. This is a great relief and makes the homework process much more enjoyable.
We have spent many long, cold winter evenings dressed in our pajamas by the fire, Davis and Samuel playing games, me with a book and Michael typing away at the computer.
I am tired of cold and wet. I long for sunshine and flowers and the fantastic weather that spring brings to central Texas. But these weeks have their place and we have made the most of them.

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