Monday, March 9, 2015

Renewal and Fun

I had a good weekend. Friday was a difficult day and Michael and I decided to give up former commitments and get in our PJs and watch a movie in the lounge. We watched Mockingjay and it was good. Mostly I love being comfortable and warm and cozy on my lounge chair in the dark with my sweetie and a glass of good red wine. You know.

Saturday I spent the whole day at the Southwest Unitarian Universalist Women's Conference. It was fantastic. I loved being surrounded by so many open, liberal, intelligent, loving women. I was inspired and moved to tears and embraced. I attended a great workshop about keeping your brain healthy and led another workshop on living a plant based lifestyle. Michael spent the afternoon with my dad and the kids in front of the fire playing monopoly while my mama joined me. Everyone had a good day. It was a win.

Sunday I worked out (good for my mental health as well as body), went to church, had lunch with Michael's cousin Erin and her kids at Torchy's (we have one in SM now!) and then drove out to New Braunfels to go bowling. We met Odille, Tom, Moneta, Ed, Martha, Clark and all our various children and played for a couple of hours. It was crazy and loud and lots of fun. These are good people and I really enjoy getting to be in their company.

We were home in time to eat a family dinner, read Harry Potter aloud and snuggle in our various corners of the house. I did some journalling and reflecting. I listened to the rain come down.

My mom says she is re-reading a book called Buddhism with an Attitude. She reminds me that it is easy to love a friend, but hard to love an enemy. I am going to try to find things I can love about the obstacles in my life. I want to try and find happiness in each day. My life is so blessed, happiness is easy to find. Life is, what it is, and we can only control how we feel about it. Right?

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