Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break 2015 -Taos

We had such an amazing week in Taos. We flew in on Friday and got there late.

Saturday was my birthday! My mom decorated the house while I was in the shower and then Michael kept the boys while my mom and dad and I snuck off to the farmer's market and the Millicent Rogers Museum for a show by the local pueblo artists. It was great. When we got home, Odille and Tom and Tommy had arrived. We all went out for lunch at Lamberts and I had an amazing jalepeno margarita and fish tacos. That evening we got a sitter and Marcie and Ann brought their kids up and we all went out to the Taos Mesa Brewing company for dinner and a concert by Taarka. It was fantastic! I had the best green chili stew and I loved the band. Michael had apparently run into my friend Marjorie while he and Tom were registering the boys for snowboarding that afternoon and she surprised me at dinner. What fun!

The next day the men and boys went snowboarding/skiing and Mom, Dad, Odille and I drove out to Chimayo for lunch with Marcie and Ann and then on to Espanola to see their new house. It was a long, lovely day with a great drive through the mountains.

On Monday, Michael began sleeping during the days and working through the nights, but we still had lots of fun. We went on a picnic and hike at the Gorge and then visited the earthships. After a rest we finished our day at KTAOS Solar Radio station and my own personal happy place. The weather was fantastic! We met Marjorie and her family there and we ate a ton of snacks and had a great time.

Tuesday, Tom took the boys to their snowboarding lesson while Michael slept and Mom, Dad and Odille and I went shopping at the Plaza. We ate at a splendid little shop behind Graham's Grill and had a lovely day. That evening, the boys put on a show for us in the garage and we ate dinner at home (Odille made the most amazing Moqueqa) and spent long hours chatting and sipping wine.

Wednesday we tried to go for a hike and picnic, but it was too snowy and icy! We decided to shop in Arroyo Seco instead and it was great. Then we went back to the house where the kids played games and I went for a beautiful, dark and rainy walk.
Thursday, Tom and Odille drove back to Chimayo and we kept the boys. We played games and went outside and cooked a meal in the crock pot. We ate lunch at Orlando's and had a really nice day.

Friday was our last day and we had intended to go to the pueblo, but it was closed. The kids did another show for us in the morning. Then we went into town and visited the Kit Carson house, the Mabel Dodge Luhan house and had lunch at Stella near the plaza. Michael took the kids to Twirl and we stopped by the Inger Jirby Gallery. We saw some sort of weird tasseled dancers with sticks near the coffee shop and enjoyed the spectacle. That evening, our sitter came back and we all went out to dinner at El Meze. It was so delicious and we had a wonderful rose wine to go with it.
We woke early on Saturday morning and drove back to Albuquerque to catch our flight home. It was a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful week. We loved our traveling companions and we all got along so well. Taos is not at it's most beautiful in the spring to me. It is pretty brown, but there is always beauty there and the sky was so blue and the sunshine felt divine. I love it there any time. We plan to spend a month there this summer and I am so glad.

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