Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cubscout Campout in McKinney Falls

We went on our annual spring family cubscout campout this weekend. We had a big thunderstorm with hail on Thursday and they were forecast more of that for the weekend. We decided to stay home on Friday night and venture out when the storm cleared on Saturday morning.
We arrived at McKinney Falls State Park around 9:30AM on Saturday morning in the misty rain and set up camp. We had the youth group site as we were the den expecting the most kids. We set up a nice camp and waited for our friends to arrive.
The day cleared up nicely, and the sun came out, and we had a nice day. We hiked with our kids, played hide and seek, made up a skit and song. I played Scrabble with Cheris and read my people magazine in the tent. The kids rode their bikes through huge mud puddles. Violet and Graham were out guests and the kids were so happy.
Davis had been nominated to attend a leadership training at the high school with the national honor society and so I had to enlist both sets of grandparents to ferry him to and from the event. They kindly agreed and so we saw both my parents and Michael's during the day and got to show them our camp. It was fun!
That evening I cooked hot dogs and beans and cole slaw and smores and then we gathered by the campfire and each den performed their skits and songs. Then Michael told a "scary" story and then most people took off for a night hike. We did not go on the night hike as Samuel had fallen earlier and his knee was very swollen and Violet only had rainboots and so Davis stayed with her. We were very grateful for this fact about 15 minutes later when a huge thunderstorm hit our camp. The EZup we had put over the tables tried to fly away and our big fire started sparking all over the tents. Michael, Cheris, the other dad in camp and I ran around like crazy trying to tie down camp, put out the fire, put things under cover. The kids were scared, but safe and mostly dry in the tent. The poor kids on the night hike were another story. They were ushered by the park rangers into a bathroom on the other side of the camp till the danger passed and had to make their way back in the pouring rain.
Still, everyone was safe and we all slept well and dry in our tents, listening to the rain patter on the rain fly.
The next morning I put out breakfast for everyone and we began to break up camp. I was exhausted and couldn't breathe. I thought allergies had gotten me, but now I think it was the beginning of a terrible cold that still holds me in it's clutches. We had a quick church service by the fire ring and then we all headed home, to clean up and get ready for a cocktail party we were throwing for our friend Anne who is running for school board.
It wasn't the best cubscout campout we've had, but there were fun moments and the kids had a great time.

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