Friday, April 24, 2015

Samuel is Learning Guitar

Samuel has been learning guitar this year. My boys can do whatever other extra curricular activities that they choose, but they both HAVE to learn an instrument. I consider that part of their core curriculum. Davis has been taking piano for three and a half years. I have been seeing major progress this year, especially in his theory, as he is beginning to write his own melodies in his composition book.
Samuel has been taking guitar for the last year. It has been a huge struggle. He cried almost every time he had to practice, though he swore he enjoyed his lessons. We weren't seeing much progress. We finally switched him to a new method and teacher and we have watched him blossom over the last month. It's like a light switched inside him. He understands it now.
Yesterday, he got a new guitar and new strap and case as he had outgrown his old one. He proudly strummed me several chords and the pride and joy in his face made me so happy. It was a good day in Samuel's world, and so of course, it was a good day in ours.

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