Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hyatt Lost Pines Mother's Day Weekend

For mother's day, I booked myself a weekend at the Hyatt Lost Pines in a suite with points plus cash and a diamond suite upgrade. I was lucky to get a suite upgrade for a holiday weekend and when I got it, I promised myself we would go no matter what.
I love Hyatt Lost Pines. It is a perfect weekend getaway for us. It's 45 minutes away and a total paradise. This weekend threatened to be stormy, but we decided to go anyway, knowing that the resort would have plenty of indoor activities if the weather became inclement. We packed books and board games and scooters and the unicycle and our swim suits. We had all weather contingencies covered.

We drove out right after school on Friday. We could tell Bastrop had been recently deluged, but it had stopped when we got there and the resort was gorgeous and lush and green with tons of wildflowers lining the long winding drive. We checked in and I was handed a glass of champagne for mother's day. We went and unpacked in our first floor suite and the kids threw on their helmets and hopped on their scooters and disappeared. We explored the resort, the kids played the giant game of chess, we had dinner on the porch and then we went to the fire pit for s'mores. The outdoor movie night was moved inside because of the wet ground, and so we decided to come back to the room and pour some wine and relax.

The next morning, we stayed in the room, texting and calling and working on Anne's campaign. We ate a late breakfast and then made it to the Pecan Grove for a mother-son kickball game. It was actually a lot of fun, despite the fact that I had to play a game involving a ball. I didn't do it well, but I did have fun.
After the game, we took a family bike ride around the property and met Martha and Clark coming for a visit. We met them and then the boys went off to fish in the pond and Martha and I sat on the porch of our suite and visited. The weather was warm and not too muggy and not raining and we were all glad.

We took Martha and Clark to lunch and then all headed to the pool for a bit. Martha and Clark eventually left us and I hopped in the pool to do the lazy river with the kids. We had a nice time, though the boys STILL don't understand that it is a "lazy" river. They still think it's a race course.
It has been a long day and so we decided to come back to our room, shower, put on jammies and introduce the children to a marvelous thing called "room service". We ate dinner in our P.J.s and then put on a movie for the kids in the living room while Michael and I curled up in our bedroom and binge watched Outlander and Parenthood.

Sunday morning was Mother's Day. I woke up and had coffee and the kids showered me with presents. Then we went to the buffet for breakfast and out to the Pecan Grove for a game of wiffle ball. I didn't play this time, but watched Michael and the boys and sat in the rocking chair by the firepit reading my book. It was lovely.
Tom and Odille and Odille's abuela and Tommy all arrived mid morning and the boys went and rode bikes while we chatted on one of the resorts porches. When they returned, we all went to the pool and found a shady corner where we talked and laughed and drank wine and ordered lunch by the pool. The boys rode the lazy river around and around and rode the water slide and played on the splash pad. We got late checkout with our diamond status and stayed at the resort until around four when we decided we really must go home. I had had such a good time I didn't want to leave!
I love Hyatt Lost Pines and it was truly the very best way to spend a Mother's Day Weekend.

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