Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rainy May Weekend

We had a very rainy weekend. This has been a very rainy month! We've had rain in the forecast every day this month. I'm starting to feel like we live in the pacific northwest. Except, of course, our rain is warm. ;)
We were home this weekend which means we completely packed our weekend with friends and family.
Friday night we were supposed to host a family movie night, but because it was so rainy, we cancelled. Mom offered to keep the kids for a sleepover at her house which the kids LOVE, so I accepted gratefully and made plans for a date night. Michael and I got tickets with Odille and Tom to go see Adaline at the Alamo drafthouse. I liked it very much. I especially liked drinking gin cocktails and eating pizza and sitting with my hand on my husband's thigh while watching it. Yay, date night! After the movie we met Chris and Stacey at Faust Hotel and brewery. It was fun, but really loud inside so we only stayed for one round. It was getting late by then, but I was still having a good time, so I suggested that we drive to San Marcos to see Chasca play at the Triple Crown. This is very unlike me in every way. But I did it. So we all drove down and got there around 10:30 when it was advertised that they would start, however, when we arrived we were told they wouldn't go on till midnight. We got another round and hung out on the porch away from the band that was on the stage and which was trying to give me aneurism. We couldn't hang till midnight and after our last round we all said good bye and headed home.
Saturday was fantastic with dark stormy clouds outside and the ability to SLEEP IN. Michael made me coffee and I made us eggs and we lounged about the house until time to fetch our children. They had been having a splendid time. They watched Paddington Bear with their Mimi and Paw Paw and rode their scooters and stayed up late and had french toast in the morning.

We loaded the kids into the car and took them over to our friends Ed and Moneta's house. Their kids are great friends of ours and so everyone was looking forward the party. The kids quickly armored themselves with nerf guns and disappeared in the yard. The rain stayed away for the afternoon and we ate great food, visited with our friends, and listened to our friend Rob play with his band, Out of the Blue. They are so good and it was such a treat to have them play at the party.
We had to leave early to get to another party, this one for Brynn's seventh birthday. It was at a park with a bouncy house and the whole party was full of the kids' very best friends and ours too. We let them play for an hour or so and then took them home along with Violet and Graham for a sleepover.
Davis and Violet and Samuel and Davis got in their jammies and we had pizza and they played and then we watched Asterix and Obelix as a family movie. They went to bed relatively early and I was very pleased as I was exhausted!

It stormed all night and all the next morning. The kids made french toast and I made eggs and then they played board games, wrote their very own newspaper, had a light party and read together while the rain continued to fall. I looked outside in amazement as I watched our entire front courtyard fill up with water and begin to pour down our sidewalk to the house. It was crazy! Luckily the inside of our house stayed dry and we only lost power a couple of times. The rain eased around lunchtime and Rob came to pick up the kids.
That afternoon, Michael went to a cubscout leader meeting and the boys and I went to the grocery store and then they made new money banks for their new allowance regime we are implementing. Michael and I have been reading "The Opposite of Spoiled" which teaches you how to teach your kids about money. It is fantastic and inspiring and we are happily adopting the new regime.
Whew! I'm tired just writing about our weekend. But it was fun!

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