Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Typical Spring Weekend

We had your typical spring weekend. It was busy. We try to squeeze these weekends in at home in between getaways so we can get stuff done. The problem is, we usually fill our weekends at home with super fun things to do. Getting stuff done gets in the way. Here is how we filled our weekend.
FRIDAY: I attended a puppet show in Samuel's classroom.
I worked.
I had a swim party at my parent's house.
I hosted an outdoor family movie night which has spectacular weather and a crowd of super nice people and we watched Galaxy Quest which totally cracked me up.
SATURDAY: Frantic laundry, music practice, exercise, home maintenance in the two hours before leaving the house.
Block walking to gain support for our friend Anne Halsey's school board campaign.
Food Stock at the Square to support the San Marcos Food Bank and honor our friend Kyle Mylius.
Fantastic cuban dinner at our friends Tom and Odille's house with my parents. So relaxing and delicious!
Frantic laundry, dishes, desk work.
Family Foundation Meeting
Unicycle Stupor Bowl- campaigning for Anne and watching Davis fall in love with the sport.
Family Dinner at Railyard.
It was lots of fun and lots of work.
I think we'll get out of town next weekend for a little getaway...

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