Friday, June 26, 2015

Katie's Visit

Here are some more pictures from Katie's visit. We had so much fun! They stayed in the hippie house and it was so nice to pop back and forth for a visit. We packed in a lot of fun in only eight days!
Katie and I got pampered at Mink.
We ate bbq at Black's
Michael got a tour of the town.
We spent four days at Port Aransas with my family and the Liffords.
The guys all went to the Lexington and the shops.
Katie's family did San Antonio, visiting the Alamo, the cathedral, the riverwalk and Mi Tierra.
They did Inner space caverns and the Arboretum in Austin.
Katie and I went to book group.
We had a pool party.
We did Aquarena Springs and tubed the San Marcos river and ate at Herberts.
We had date night in Austin with Cheris, Rob and Tom, eating dinner at the Snack Bar on South Congress and attempting to watch the bats who refused to come out until after dark. We even swung by the Whip In on the way home.
Michael took Katie and family to Bastrop and even to see the Longhorns at the Lost Pines.
It was super big fun and I miss them so much already! Let's start a campaign to get Katie to move here! XXOO!

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