Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Activities

Summer is chugging along and we are enjoying it thoroughly. Michael and I are working and the kids are doing camps and summer academics and music lessons and also having lots of free time to dig in the recycle bin and use hot glue, create new games, swim, cook, read, and play lots and lots of legos.
So far they've done horse camp together and this week Davis has been learning to code HTML 5 and Samuel has been at soccer camp. We've been spending time with my parents and grandparents here on the ranch. We've made peach and plum jam from my Uncle Larry's orchard here on the ranch.
We love having all this time as a family and really enjoy each other. I've held onto my no screen rule and have forced the children to use their imagination and while sticking to my guns has been hard, it's been worth it.
I've loved our summer so far and look forward to the next month of friends and travel!

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