Thursday, July 16, 2015

Governors Island

This morning we met Carol and took the subway to the bottom of Manhattan to take the ferry to Governors Island. The ferry was cheap, fun, and fast. We were there in about 7 minutes and it cost us four dollars. The day was sunny and clear and gorgeous. We had a private by default tour of the fort and the kids played in the treehouse and we exp,owed the art installations. We ate lunch in the beer garden and tried out the hammocks and rented a quad bike to tour the island. Everywhere the skyline wAs spectacular with the Freedom tower dominating one skyline and the Statue of Liberty the other. It wasn't crowded there at all and the gardens were verdant and green and full of purple and yellow flowers.
We stayed for four hours before wattIng back do to the ferry for our seven minute ride back to Manhattan. We parted with Carol at that point and headed over to Battery Park where Michael and I found a shaded and beautiful beer garden next to a fountain. The kids played in the water while M and I rested in a surprisingly European park and watched the boats go by in the harbor.
Then we walked down the street to the historic stone cobbled and aptly named Stone Street where we ate pizza at an outside table surrounded by Wall Street folks having happy hour.
The subway whisked us back to Times Square, but the traffic and press of people in Times Square during rush hour was insane. We made it through and showered and are now cozy in our high tower, ready to relax and watch movies.
One more day left of vacation!

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