Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hello Mother. Hello Father.

Here we are at, camp Tyler. Today has been another grand day. Michael and I laid in bed while the kids cycled off to their groups, then had a leisurely breakfast. We were slow to roll as we stayed up doing karaoke at the inn last night. After breakfast we headed outside for lawn games which included tug of war, capture the flag, dodge ball, kick ball and more. we played hard for over two hours. It is such a joy to get to play like a kid again. We finally quit and headed in for a hearty lunch with our teammates. We picked up our kids after and headed down on our bikes to the soccer fields, where we sat on soft green grass and watched the kids play. After soccer, Sam lobbied for a game of putput golf, so we headed to the bike shed to check out the equipment. We played nine holes which is the perfect amount for two kids ages 8 and 10. There was a nice breeze, but we were still hot and sweaty so we cycled to the cottage to strip into our swimsuits And head for the lake. It is so cold, but so refreshing! I swam out to the dock and back and then cycled back to the cottage for some "me" time while Michael and the kids played on the water trampolines. We return the kids to their clubs at 5:30 and will do cocktail hour in the swing by the lake behind our cottage before heading to the inn for dinner.
Davis did a mountain bike ride this morning in his club and has a new obsession. he also played flag football. Samuel did arts and crafts and then did the banana boat ride. Tonight they have origami folding and then a DJ dance party at the pool while we have a jazz trio in the lounge at the inn.
We don't have any cell service out here and they discourage you from carrying phones here. I love it. It feels so good to be disconnected. I will continue to try and write you regular letters from camp, though. I love you and miss you, Amber

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