Wednesday, July 15, 2015


We are in NYC. I am sitting in a hotel suite on the 51st floor overlooking Times Square. It is the best view I have ever had. It is incredible.
We are staying in this evening. We went to the Lego store this afternoon and the kids have new Lego sets to keep them occupied and I have a big beautiful bathtub in which to soak. We ordered in Chinese food to our room, as we figured we couldnt get a better view with dinner.
We moved down from our VRBO apt this morning. We had a great little apartment in a brownstone on 94th and CPW. IT was tiny, but clean and most importantly, it had a washer and dryer.
We took the train from the tip top of Vermont down to Penn station on the Amtrak on Saturday. It was a beautiful ride. We got in late at night and slumbered long. Davis had come down with a cold and ear infection at Tyler Place and was suffering. We finally called teledoc on Tuesday and got him some medicine, but the train ride was hard for him.
It was hard for us to leave Tyler Place. We really had a marvelous time and met some great friends. We played many games and ate tons of good food and swam in the lake and drank cocktails. I left with a love of a game called Pit and a desire to learn to play tennis.
When we woke up on Sunday here in New York, we found a pharmacy for Michael's dodge ball wounds and Davis's earache and then went to the UU church service on the upper west side. It was beautiful. Then we went to Blossom and treated the kids to an amazing vegan lunch. After our meal, we made our way to Central Park and wandered around, exploring Belvedere Castle, exploring the ramble, checking out the roller skaters and finding dad's bench. We ordered Indian food for dinner and let the kids watch a movie. We were worn out!
Monday we hit the Museum of Natural History and stayed most of the day. The kids LOVED it and so did we. We cleaned ourselves up after the museum and rested and then took the subway to the Gershwin Theater to see Wicked. M and I had seen it before, but the kids had not and they enjoyed the show. i loved watching them watch the musical.
Tuesday we slept in and woke to pouring rain. We donned rain gear and then headed to the Metropolitan Museum to see the armor and the "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibit, which was amazing. We spent several hours there and then went down town to meet my college friend Jay and his adorable daughter at the Highline for a Lego interactive exhibit. The rain had subsided by then and the sun peeked out, letting us enjoy the park on the Highline. It was beautiful. The kids had a blast with the Legos and the. We walked down town further to get pizza at Sandy's. The pizza was great and I loved spending time with my old friend.
We were zonked when we got home, though. Everyone was crabby and irritable. We had hit the vacation wall. We put the kids in their bunk beds and shut the door. Then Michael went in our room and plugged into his iPad to watch an action movie and I stayed up late in the living room, watching so you think you can dance and researching travel. It was just what we all needed.
This morning, we packed and hauled all our stuff on the subway to Times Square. It was hot and humid, but we did it and were rewarded with this fabulous suite upgrade. Yay! We are so excited about it. Then we spent two hours in ToysRUs before meeting my high school friend Jamey for a wonderful lunch in Union Square at NYC coffee shop. Then we took the kids to Rockefeller Center and the Lego store and we needed up where I began this blog, holed up in out hotel room, enjoying the view.
Tomorrow we will go to Governor's Island with our family friend, Carol. I've never been and we are really looking forward to it. we have two more days of va action and I intend to enjoy them to the fullest. XO! Amber

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