Friday, July 31, 2015

Taos Photo Album

What an amazing week we've had here in Taos. The kids have had cooking camp each day in Arroyo Seco in a beautiful home where Davis has made a great friend. In the afternoons the kids have been building hover crafts with paper plates and batteries.
I've been exploring Taos with Tina. We've toured the Taos Pueblo, explored the art galleries on LeDoux street, eaten tamales at Leonels, gone to the San Franscisco Assisi church, eaten a fabulous dinner at Love Apple, driven the Enchanted Circle, which was green and gorgeous and filled with wildflowers of yellow and pink and purple.
We've read on the porches and watched monsoons blow in and slept with the windows wide open. I've gone on long walk/runs almost every morning. We've spied prairie dogs and white cotton tailed bunnies in abundance. We saw a rainbow that touched down on both sides of the mountain and arched in vivid color across the sky. I laid on a picnic blanket in the green grass of our yard and talked on the phone and read and felt the sun on my skin and enjoyed the bright blue of the sky. I've read a novel and watched so you think you can dance with the kids in the evening and played the lego game and had wonderful long chats with Tina in our favorite chairs in the living room with the mountain behind us through the big picture windows that stand wide open to let the smell of the sage fill the house.
I love Taos so much.

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