Friday, August 7, 2015

Hanging in there.

I hate Texas in August. It's so hot and dry and everyone is gone and you can't play outside and the summer, once filled with promise is winding down.
I drove home from Taos with my fists clenched on the steering wheel.
I hate August in Texas but I love my family and I needed to come home and be with them.
Things are not great around here. Lots of hard choices and running smack into realities we don't want to face.
My mom says everything will be fine. So I'll go along with the party line. I want to be that accepting and positive. I love my mama more than words can express. I wish I had magic powers and could wrap her in love and light, though she would probably just hug me and say, " I love you sweety, but I don't need magic, I've got all I need right here." She is an incredible woman.
Things have been hard, but I am learning patience and how to stay in the moment. I am giving love and receiving it and I am here with my family so I am truly blessed.
Michael has accepted a new job and has just finished his first week. He loves the work he is doing and his happiness is a bright light in my world right now. I am so grateful for his live and support. He is my rock.
I called and begged and got the kids in a stop motion animation camp this week which they love and nature camp next week. They are pleased.
Life can be heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

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