Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Fun

We are fitting in some summer fun despite the heat.

We eat watermelon on the porch almost every day.

We swim at my parents house.

I have a glass of wine every evening.
Davis and I curl up on the couch and watch so you think you can dance.
We had Tom and Odille over for a swim.

We spent Sunday at the lake with my sister and brother in law and nephew and had a fantastic day.
We drove over to San Antonio and rescued the most darling miniature poodle to go live with GG.
I ate at Herbert's with my mom, dad, and both Uncle Mike and Uncle Larry as well as Aunt Joyce and the boys.
Michael got to see Katie and the kids while he traveled in Seattle for work.
We are finding joy in family and making it work.
The kids are having "grandparents week" this week. They will spend tomorrow with my mom and then Wednesday through Sunday with Martha and Clark. They are delirious with joy.

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