Friday, September 25, 2015


It finally feels just a tiny bit like fall. It's still mid to upper nineties during the day, but the mornings feel cooler. The pool is too cold to swim laps. Hunters are shooting things and my friends are abandoning me to sports so it must be fall.
The kids are busy in the fall routine. I am busy working and travel planning (I'm going to visit Cheris!!!!) and solo parenting while Michael travels. We are not doing too much extra curricular fun as we are broke from booking a ton of travel for the next few months.
Last weekend we worked around the house and on Saturday evening we went over to my parents to swim, grill and play bocce ball. Our friends Tom and Odille joined us and we all had a merry time. Sunday we went out to the Duchman winery. I love that place. We met up with some of our Tyler Place friends and had a wonderful afternoon.
This week Davis ran for student government and lost. It was good for him. He should try and fail and learn from that too. Progress reports came out and were fantastic.
Samuel read and played guitar, and built legos and spent huge amounts of time on his stop animation movie he is making.
This week we also began the fifth grade musical. I am the producer. Davis auditioned and did his callbacks and was cast as Scar. I had no say ever about his audition or casting and left that up to the director to be fair. I can't be objective about him, so I kept my mouth shut. He wanted Simba but will enjoy playing the bad guy, I think.
I love doing this musical. It feels so good to be part of a show again. I love the whole process. I miss that part of my life so much. This is such a joy to get to do with my son. We worked on his acting for his call back the night before. It was such a new dynamic. This boy, who so values engineering and math, looked at me with respect. He asked for my input. I got to show him a side of me he never understood or valued. Now he does. It felt good.
I'm busy, though. This fall looks to be very busy. Michael's new job seems to have a trend of three weeks out of every month out of town. I can handle it though. The boys are so independent and helpful. My wonderful, amazing friend Rachael has volunteered, out of the love of her heart, to pick the boys up from school and bring them out to the ranch when I am working.
Michael is thriving in his new job and doing very well in general. He's running 6 or 7 miles every other day and on the alternate days does yoga. I'm so proud of him.
I've just finished 15 long days of a super antibiotic to try and rid myself of a sinus infection. I'm also taking tons of vitamins to shake the anemia that has recently taken hold of me. I get retested in a month and pray I'm better by then. I don't have time to be exhausted.
We plan to spend tomorrow night hosting an outdoor family movie night and catching up with our friends. I'm being anti-social a bit (for me), but I'm hoping my friends understand. I'm looking forward to being social tomorrow. Sunday, I'm lay leading at church and Michael is flying out again.
It rained tonight a bit and gave us a beautiful rainbow. Davis drove us all down to the river on the mule and we took a walk. I love my family so much.

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