Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Port A Labor Day Getaway

We spent Labor Day weekend at the beach. We invited seven other families to join us down in Port Aransas for the long weekend to help us celebrate Michael's birthday.
The weather was fantastic and the beach was in great condition. There was almost no seaweed and no jelly fish. The waves were great. The kids boogie boarded their brains out and Chris rented a surfboard on the second day and the kids got to practice surfing. I often swam out between the two breaks to the gentle swells and would lie on my back and float up and down. It was so fun! The water on the coast is like bath water it is so warm.
We spent each day of the weekend on the sand at the beach. In the evenings we put on movies and closed the curtains and let our clean, sunburned children crash on the couch, while we mixed cocktails and made dinner.
I was exhausted, as I've been exhausted for weeks. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow as I suspect a sinus infection, but I pushed through. There was so much to see and do and enjoy and the exhaustion got pushed to the background.
I made custom tervis-like cups for Michael's birthday and I kept ice cold white wine in them consistently, which made the whole weekend slip by in an amiable fashion.
We got to play Pit one night on the porch of 201 with all our friends, which is something that Michael really, really wanted to do while we were down there. Pit is a game that we learned at the Tyler Place and it is so fun and funny to play.
We had a big potluck dinner in the game room on Sunday night which was SO LOUD, but fun. I snagged the children at sunset and took off down the beach on a long walk. It might have been one of my favorite moments.
We have great friends. These friendships we have developed are so warm and sustaining. We can count on each other, and trust each other and our children are growing up in that secure circle with the playmates that share all these experiences with them. We are lucky.
We are also lucky that my parents share so generously their beach condos with us. We couldn't have made this weekend work without them and we were all grateful.

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