Monday, September 14, 2015

Pride Parade/Sunday at Home

Michael was in Idaho all last week and is in California all this week. And I'm exhausted. We decided to have an "At Home" weekend, though we did make it out a bit.
Saturday morning we marched in the SMTX Pride parade with our San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. We wore rainbow and waved our flags and gave the kids a lesson in social justice and freedom of love for everyone. It was a fun walk with our friends and I was happy to be a part of it. We ended up at the park where they had a big festival. The weather was actually cool as we had a small preview of fall. I was too tired to stay long at the festival and was, in fact, too tired to make it back to the car. Davis lent me his scooter and then Michael and the kids went and got the car and came back to pick me up. Sigh.
We got home and I rested a bit and then we started our weekend project of culling through all of our books. We packed four huge crates of books. One was full of children's books for donations and the others Michael took to Half Price books and sold. We made $80 which will go into a bank for the kids that they will use to buy more books. It was sad to get rid of all my old plays and theater books, but it was also very freeing. We are going to try and do a project like this at least twice a month to unclutter our home of things we don't love.
That evening I dissolved into a puddle on the chaise lounge and we all watched the original Superman which was a hit.
Sunday we slept in a bit and then the boys and I played Ticket to Ride on the coffee table while Michael worked. We went out to town to take our friend Sharon out to lunch for her birthday and then the boys and I did the grocery shopping while Michael went to a cub scout leader meeting. I took a nap while the kids read and then I took Davis over to my parents' house where we borrowed their mule and I gave Davis his very first driving lesson. He did extremely well and had a permanent grin from ear to ear. We met Michael and Samuel back at my parents' house as well as Mr. John our absolutely amazing and fabulous piano teacher. Davis had a lesson on the grand piano while the rest of us enjoyed a lovely visit on the patio with my parents. Then Michael had a playful swim with the boys before we all gathered to have dinner together. It was a motley crew by then of various caregivers, my grandmother as well as my mom, dad and our family. It was nice to be on the patio as our cooler, fall weather was still in the air.
We were home by 7 and I collapsed on the couch while Michael put the kids to bed and packed to leave again at the crack of dawn.
It was a lovely weekend full of the people I love and pretty wonderful weather. If only I wasn't so tired. Sigh.

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