Friday, October 9, 2015

Staying in the Moment

Hello, blog. I haven't written much because the things I'm feeling and thinking about seem too personal to put up here for public consumption.
But we've been going on living our lives.
I'm still feeling poorly and still doing tests. I suspect the same sinus infection, but we'll see.
Last weekend the boys spent the night with Martha and Clark and Michael and I went to Duchman winery and then to a party at my friend Debbie's house. It was such an amazing party with a private concert by Carolyn Wonderland and Shellie King. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and had to leave early. Sigh. Stupid immune system.
On Sunday, we rallied and went to see the Little Mermaid at Bass Concert Hall with Sharon and her girls and Odille and Tommy and her grandmother. I was not very impressed with the show, but the kids really enjoyed it and the lunch we had with friends afterward.
Michael was in town this week which I needed.
My dad continues his decline and mom and I are constantly adapting and adjusting. We are cutting way back on outings as mobility has become more difficult and are just enjoying the ranch and Casa Pacifica.
The weather has been cooling off a bit though we are still in the nineties most days. We can sit on the back patio of my parents' house and eat lunch and enjoy the breeze and shade. It's lovely. We had ranch happy hour out there this week and it was so nice to be out there. Davis interviewed Grandma and Uncle Larry and my mom about my Grandpa Lane's service in World War II and it was such a wonderful, blessed time to be surrounded by my family and watch my children learn their history.
The sunrises have been spectacular here lately as well.
Some days things are hard, but I take a deep breath and focus on all the good things.
I am trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the beauty of the ranch all around me. I am trying to soak in the love and radiance I feel when I am with my mom and dad.
I put my face in the crook of my children's necks and breathe them in and kiss them and shut out everything but their innocence and my love for them.
I let my husband hold me and I don't say a word, but just hug him back, tight.
This weekend we are camping with friends at Palmetto. This our third year to go in the fall and we always enjoy it.
I'm really missing Cheris and Rob and their kids and wishing they could join us. They are in our thoughts and discussions almost every day around here. We do enjoy their pictures of Spain and are excitedly planning our trip out to see them in the spring.

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cheris said...

We miss you tooooooo!