Monday, December 14, 2015

Celebrating the Holidays with Family

We've been spending lots of time celebrating the season with the kids and with my parents. We are doing lots of baking and tree decorating and watching Christmas movies while sipping red wine by the fire. Mom and I had a date to Duchman winery to pick up our wine. We went to Davis's piano recital and out to lunch at Kobe for teppanyaki afterwards with my mama. We played boardgames at my parents' house and had lots of happy hours. Michael has been gone every week, but it makes the weekends even more special. The kids have been with me all week and we have enjoyed just being together. We enjoy getting to spend evenings on the weekends at Casa Pacifica. We are enjoying being together in the ways that we can. Bittersweet, yes, but sweet all the same. My family brings me so much joy.

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