Monday, December 14, 2015

Parties! Celebration! Drinking! Eating!

We went to three parties this weekend. I only managed to take photos at two of them, but they were all fun. We started with at St. Lucia party hosted by our friends we made at the Tyler Place. I didn't know anything about the party so I googled and read the story to the kids and we were prepared. We drove up to Austin on a wet and muggy early afternoon. We stopped at our old house in Circle C as it was on the way and it brought back so many memories. It was such a beautiful house. The party was lovely with an amazing spread of food and good friends. The kids made friends easily and we had a nice time.
That evening we dropped the kids off with the new sitter and drove over to Alex and Kyle's house for our book group Holiday party. My parents didn't host it this year and so it was a tradition that was changing. It was bittersweet like most things these days. Still, it was nice not being a co-host and just getting to be a guest and the party was so fun. Great food, gorgeous house and cute decorations and lots of being with friends that we haven't seen much of lately.
The next afternoon we all met again at a Mow the Lawnikkuh, the holiday party about overcoming adversity in order to succeed at lawn care, hosted by BG and Jamaal and Cecily. I had never been to a Mow the Lawnikkuh party, but I liked it! We drank Gin and Toniccahs and the kids ran an obstacle course and we all ate latkes and donuts. It was perfect and the kids were so thrilled to be with their little group of friends.
Yay, parties!!!

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