Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Despite illness and lethargy and Michael being out of town, we made it out on Friday night to Sights and Sounds of Christmas. This festival is a tradition in our family and we love attending. We met up with my sister and nephew and mom and our friend Tom and his son Tommy. We ran into my friend Claudia and her girls when we arrived early and Davis hopped on the faux ice skating rink to twirl with his good friend Natalia. They had a lovely time and Claudia and I were able to have a great conversation.
After ice skating we toured Bethehem, dipped candles, made bread, learned about pottery and locked each other in jail. Then the kids descended upon the carnival and my nephew and sister and Davis went crazy, riding some seriously intense rides. Samuel stayed close by and missed Graham and wished there were some less intense rides. Still, we all had a good time until Davis threw up after riding the "vominator" and went home with my mama. That was the end of his good time. Samuel and I continued having a great time eating at the food booths and playing with Tommy. When we got home, we were very happy to see Michael back home after a long week in California.
Early the next morning Michael and Davis went to run the Sights and Sounds 5K race. I dropped them off and then Samuel, who couldn't run because of pneumonia, and I went over to Anne and Jeff's house to watch the race from their porch. We had such a good time. I got to tour the house, cheer the racers and sit on the front porch and eat breakfast tacos and look at paint chips with Anne and hear her vision for their new house. I had a wonderful time.
Davis left the run for a play date with his friend Joshua and Michael jogged back over to us for his breakfast taco and tour and then we loaded up and took Sam with us to the bank where we signed and signed and signed our lives away in front of a notary in order to complete our closing documents on our new house.
We spent the rest of the day in Christmas bliss, baking cookings, setting up the train around the Christmas tree, doing a bit of shopping and having a visit with my parents. I may actually getting in the Christmas spirit after all.

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