Friday, January 29, 2016

Davis is Tinkering

We had our first puppy training class this week and Samuel took Holly and Davis took Sookie. Sookie is smart and knows a few things, but she needs to learn more before she becomes a city dog. At the class, they handed out clickers that we are supposed to click as soon as the dog does what we ask. We all noticed right away that the clickers are annoying.
Your thumb slides down too deeply and sometimes the clicker doesn't click at the all important moment and then you've missed a training opportunity. This is very important when your dog is as young and excitable as Holly.
Yesterday I dropped off Davis at the house and took Sam to a doctor appointment. When I got home, Davis was standing at the ironing board with a hot glue gun. He said he had decided to fix the clicker. A while later he presented me with an new and improved clicker that he had created with things he found around the house.

It worked perfectly and accurately every time. It was so much easier than the old clicker I was so impressed. I am NOT CRAFTY and so any time anyone creates something out of other things I am very surprised and impressed. Especially when that person came out of my body. But I was even more proud, because he had improved on something that really had a design flaw. His mind works like that and mine doesn't and so he seems even more foreign and special to me. This is an example of nature over nurture I think. And I am proud of him. He really thinks all the time like an engineer and it is his passion.
Okay, bragging post over. For now. ;)

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