Monday, February 29, 2016

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Did we have winter this year? It doesn't feel like it. We never had ice or snow and I think we only wore our heavy jackets on one weekend. Is this a sweet goodbye from Texas before we leave for Colorado? (no, Amber, the world doesn't revolve around you.). Still, I'll take it. All the trees are budding green and pink. The mountain laurels are full and fragrant. There are already bluebonnets on the side of the road!

It was a lovely weekend. On Friday my mama and I went to see Davis's project at the science fair. We ran into our friend Claudia there and so we all decided to try out the new sushi place for lunch. It was very good and we had a wonderful time tasting and talking.

That evening we went out to dinner at the Railyard with five hundred of our closest friends! It was crowded and fun and I had lots of drinks that apparently had NO alcohol in them (says night time Amber. Day time Amber disagrees.) The kids ran around outside with five hundred of their closest friends and a good time was had.
Saturday morning we cleaned out the garage. This was a big job, but we needed to clean it out and start boxing things so I could have room to store boxes as I pack in there. I left my boys to it and headed to the salon to go silver.

That's right. I'm embracing my inner old lady and going silvery gray. We saw a lady in New Orleans who was young and fit and silver haired and Michael thought it was gorgeous and I jumped right on that train. I've had the first process and so I'm about half way there and currently have weird gray/blond hair, but I go back in ten days and should be very close to my goal. It's exciting!

I went straight from the salon to the Root Cellar Bakery to co-host a baby shower with my friend Stacey for our dear friend Alex. We did a boho high tea and it was really lovely if I do say so myself. We had wonderful food and tea and wine and we did two games and Stacey set up a table where people could make flower fascinators and we all had a merry time. I wish I had better pictures, but Cheris wasn't there.

While I was getting pretty at the salon and hosting a baby shower, Michael finished cleaning the garage and invited all the guys and children over for a playdate. When I got home, he had the out door movie screen set up and everyone was getting ready to screen our new copy of the Lion King performance! I quickly made some popcorn and poured some wine and scooted my chair between Tom and Laura and watched the movie. It was so neat to finally get to see the show! I loved every minute of it.

Sunday morning we were up early and I packed some boxes and cooked and while Davis had his piano lesson and then we all ran over to my grandparents house to get a quick hug from my Gramp (!) who was visiting for the day from his nursing home. It was so nice to see him. Then we loaded into the car in our nice clothes and drove to Austin to Bass Concert Hall to see touring Broadway version of the Sound of Music. It was a wonderful performance! The singing and sets were incredible. The boys were very well behaved and they loved it! I did too. I think this was one of my favorite touring productions.

After the show, we were hungry. We wanted to call Cheris and Rob and see if they wanted to meet up with us, but since they are living in Europe, we drove to East Austin and stopped for an early dinner at the Vegan Yacht, a food trailer I've been wanting to try for a long time. We sat in the sunshine at a picnic table and ate amazing frito pie burritos before driving home to San Marcos. We are listening to InkSpell on audiobook which is a good thing because the traffic was awful. We finally arrived home and puttered around until we put the kids to bed and ended up curled on the chaise lounges to watch the Oscars. I only made it about half way through before falling asleep.
It was a lovely, busy weekend.

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cheris said...

Awww... sorry we missed it!
Now I'm dying to see your hair...