Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lovely Weekend and Soup Swap 2016

We had a really nice weekend. We did. I was sick. I've been sick for all of February it feels like, but I industriously ignored it. The weather was fantastic- sunny and low eighties. On Friday, Michael and I dropped the kids off for a couple of hours with my parents and went out to the new wine bar in town, Dolcetto, to have happy hour with our friends. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to meet up with all of them due to a last minute venue change, but we did spend an hour in the sunshine sipping lovely wine with our friends BG, Cecily and Mike.
The next morning I got up early and my mom picked me up and we drove up to Austin for a Lewy Body forum with our support group. My sister met us there. It was a wonderful meeting and we learned a lot. We saw someone who at our last meeting was extremely frantic and harried. This time she was calm and neatly dressed and seemed happy. We asked her what had happened and she said she got hospice! Apparently, you don't have to be a few weeks away from death any more to qualify and they really help you by providing hospital beds and lifts and daily baths and help! Everyone at the meeting agreed this was a wonderful thing to get, so we left determined to get some hospice for dad as well. Tiffany and Mom and I left the meeting and had a wonderful lunch at Passion, a strip mall Indian buffet that was fabulous. I loved spending this special time with my sister and my mama. I love them so.
Michael and Davis had spent the morning working hard on his science fair so when I got home, I snagged both kids and took them to the outlet mall so Michael could have a few moments to himself. I got some great chairs on clearance at Pottery Barn for the kids and everyone was pleased. We came home and met the babysitter at our house to turn over the kids. We needed to use our babysitter because she is house sitting for us while we are in Europe and she needed a chance to get to know Holly. Since we HAD to use her (;)) we went to see Deadpool at the Alamo Drafthouse in New Braunfels. It was a cute movie and I enjoyed being with Michael, but the service was not great and I didn't feel well as my back was starting to seize up. We came home and I was in bed by 8.
The next morning my back had frozen into agonizing pain. I couldn't take a deep breath without pain. I couldn't sit or lie down or walk without pain. I couldn't move it at all. I quickly took muscle relaxers and narcotics and Michael tried to rub my back and put heating pads on it, but it was a really not good day and I never was okay. Still, I pushed through and with a LOT of help from Samuel and Michael and my mama, got my soup made and the house ready for Soup Swap. We had so much fun at soup swap. I sat in the chair and everyone visited and we swapped soup and then visited some more. I love my friends so much. Leaving them and being without my close group of friends in Denver is a sad and scary part of the move. And it was extra special to have my mom come out and be social with us. I snagged some wonderful soups too. Soup Swap is a great party and I intend to carry on the tradition wherever I go.
Michael and the kids came home from their group play date with all the dads and kids and we ate soup and everyone except Michael went to bed early. I even went to bed before Davis! I was exhausted and hurting, but still happy. It really was a great weekend despite my body.

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