Thursday, February 25, 2016

Samuel is a Super Star

My Sweet Samuel is not like the rest of us in this family. He is not bossy. He does not need to be the center of attention. He does not crave the spotlight. Because of this, I am afraid that sometimes he does not get the recognition that he deserves. He doesn't really realize how special and wonderful he really is.
Case in point- Today, he was recognized as a Knight at his school for the quality of Tolerance. Each month has a virtue that is celebrated and each month one child from each class is nominated to be "knighted" by the Rotary Club in front of teachers and parents and students on the stage and receive a medal. Davis has won this twice. Samuel had never been nominated until today. The nominations are kept secret until the kids come in and catch sight of their parents and grandparents sitting up at the front. Samuel walked in and saw us and smiled and waved, but did not look excited. It wasn't until his teacher stood up and called his name that he looked shocked and surprised and embarrassed and incredibly proud and happy. He stood up on stage and blushed and looked at us out of the corner of his eye and smiled. I nearly bawled my head off he was so sweet. Afterwards, he confirmed my suspicions by telling me that he had assumed when he saw us that his brother was being knighted again. He never supposed it was his turn to shine!
He was also SuperStar this week and so I stayed after the knighting ceremony to have lunch with him and chat with his friends. They were all very happy for him as well and he was just quietly beaming!
I am so proud of our boy. Let me put in writing here: He is kind and thoughtful and so sensitive and empathetic. He is eager to please and careful of others feelings. He is the first of his whole grade in the school reading competition and makes fantastic grades (except in spelling and I don't care because- spell check.) He is very funny and plays the guitar very well and can memorize music and lyrics immediately and effortlessly. He loves legos with a passion and making stop motion videos and snuggling his puppy and being silly. And I am proud of him. I won't shine the light on him in public much, because he prefers it that way, but since this blog is the history of our family and of his childhood, I want this in public. Samuel, you are a super star.