Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 11 London

We had to leave our best friends this morning. It was very upsetting. We love them so much and since we are moving before they come back from Spain, it is a double whammy.
We hauled ourselves into a taxi to the airport and I cried.
The airport security was crazy as there was another bombing in an airport in Brussels the day before. We made our way through line after line of security and finally made it onto our plane to London.
Samuel was still very sick and had a very, very hard day of travel. We flew into Luton and went through more security before finally getting our bags and finding a cab into London. We had decided to cab instead of train because Sam was so sick and it wasn't that much more expensive, but it was still VERY expensive and used up all our cash. All of it. We are now completely cashless. Davis was thrilled with the car that drove on the opposite side of the street and Sam slept the whole hour long taxi ride.
We got to our apartment in Soho which is in a 200 year old house, built in 1735. We are on the fourth floor of a walk up and it is very charming. The wood floors are original to the house and are very, very lumpy. We walk up and down from room to room. We have a shower in our master bedroom and the toilet and bath are up some very steep stairs under the eaves. The house itself is in a fantastic location though, only blocks from all the West End theaters and steps from fabulous restaurant after fabulous restaurant.
We put Samuel right to bed and then ran out to buy more tylenol and ibuprofen as his fever was up to 103. We also picked up wine and Indian food and had a night in. Davis and I are frantically reading Harry Potter as we told the kids of our very big surprise today. While in London we are doing the WB Studio Tour of Harry Potter! The kids were absolutely beside themselves with happiness.
Michael and I pulled out the couch bed for Davis so Sam could have his own sick ward and we all retired early.

From Davis's journal:
Today we left Violet and Graham. :(
We flew to London. ( I wish I had remembered that at the Geography Bee!) and rode backwards on the wrong side of the road! Then we came home to our apartment and Sam had a fever so he slept and I read. I finished Inheritence (865 pgs) and started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (500 something pages).
Today I was thinking of my dream car and it's going to have suction cup wheels completely covered with that stuff that repels water. Be super fast, speed and acceleration and be fully electric powered by solar wind and energy regenerated by the movement of the suction cup wheels.

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