Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 13 London aka Harry Potter Day

Today was the big day! We woke up and got dressed and grabbed our wands and headed for the train. We took a tube and then an overland train and then a bus and finally, after an hour of travel we arrived at the WB Studios for the Making of Harry Potter.

From Davis's Journal:
Today we wen to the WB Harry Potter Behind the Scenes.. It told how how everything worked including hte broom. I even got to fly one! Then we saw the animatronix of Buck Beak, Hedwig and Hagrids head!
The we saw the Hogwarts Model. It looked a lot like the Great Hall (that I got to go in) and it looked exactly like the movies. We also saw the night bus, Hagrids/Sirous Black's motorcycle and the actual flying car. And at the end I got a WAND-Sirious Black's. Then we left and I went to a park.

From Michael's Journal:

Warner Brothers Studio was a blast. The site was a great mix of spectacle and production. We got a real sense of what it takes to put on an A-list movie. The sets were amazing. All the details were there and plenty of people there to explain all the different aspects of film-making. It is a tinkerer's dream. My favorite was the full live-action hippogriff (Buckbeak). You could almost believe she was a real animal. Of all the tours we did this was the most significant. The line between fantasy and reality was blurred for 5 glorious hours and the kids were totally immersed in what it takes to make a major Hollywood movie. I loved every minute of it.

From there as an encore we traveled to Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Sam was a star since he bought a Slytherin robe and wand at the gift shop. He didn't even notice all the smiles he got as a proper wizarding student in central London.

All in all it was a great last day on our 2-week tour. Maybe one day we can all come back and create new memories.

Cheers for now.


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