Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 8 Rio Molino Alajar

We woke up late on an overcast day in the paradise known as Alajar. It had rained all night. The kids played Loot in the living room and Michael read. The clouds parted and we all piled outside. The kids played hide and seek and the grown ups all played bocce ball. Then Cheris and I went for a walk and met the cutest donkey before heading home. We each took one of the resident dogs on a leash and made them very happy. We admired the freshly harvested cork trees and talked and talked.
For lunch we drove to a nearby town called Linares De Sierra. We ate most amazing meal in this tiny ancient town of only 200 people. It was my special birthday lunch and I loved every moment, from the best olives of my life to my main entree of musaca.
The kids played around the fountain in the church courtyard while we ate.
We came home and had siesta before congregating again in our living room as we watched the rain. I made dinner and then we put on Minions for the kids while we played another game of Catan. It was an amazing, relaxing day with our best friends.

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