Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 9 Evora, Portugal

From Amber's Journal:
We got up and loaded the car in the pouring rain and headed for Evora, Portugal. We had Davis and Violet in our car and it made for a lovely ride. They played music for us and I read to them from the guide book all about Portugal. We spotted cranes in nests on the electricity poles and were delighted. We drove through beautiful vistas and small towns and over a huge dam. We stopped at the border and took pictures.
We finally arrived in Evora and found our hostel which was very clean and run by a very kind gentleman named Carlos. We dropped off our luggage and drove through the aquaduct to the ancient walled city.
We had a lovely lunch with olives and vinho verde and lots and lots of pork. Then we went walking through the city. We explored a gorgeous old church/fortress and had a great time practicing french taunting from the roof tops. We also found a nice little plaza under some very impressive roman ruins. We walked some more under threatening skies and through rain, but still managed to have fun and explore with our best friends.
We found another church known as the "chapel of bones" which is a real chapel made with skeletons. Davis was impressed and Sam was grossed out. We walked some more and along moorish cobblestoned streets and shopped in the gift shops filled with roosters and items made from cork.
We found a little restaurant with sloped ceilings and a charming waiter and had some delicious food. On our way back to the car we stopped for a wine tasting and Michael bought a very nice bottle of red wine.
We ended our evening with Michael and Cheris and Rob and the kids watching Star Wars downstairs in our hostel and me falling into a sound sleep super early.

From Davis's Journal:
In Portugal we went to Evora. We had a bunk bed to sleep in, but the coolest part was the Aquaduct, and ancient 2000 year old not so ruined Roman Ruin.

From Samuel's Journal:
Today we took a road trip. I road with Graham. When we got to Portugal there was NO border so I could go to one side and say Spain, then Portugal, over and over. We found our hotel and went exploring. My favorite part was doing the French taunt to the people below when we were at the castle. My least favorite part was the chapel of bones. It was actually made of bones. I nearly threw up and then we went back.

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