Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happiness in the Hometown

We had a gorgeous weekend. The sun was shining and life was sweet.
I picked up Marcie from the airport on Saturday. We visited all the way home.
That afternoon the boys and I hiked through the gully behind our house and they showed me their forts. Then Marcie joined us and we hiked all over the ranch, through the trees and down to the river. It was really fun and I really appreciate that the kids are taking advantage of their freedom to roam on the ranch.
Saturday evening we hosted an outdoor family movie night to celebrate my birthday. (Real birthday is not until March 14, when I will be in Paris!!!) The kids ran around with their friends outside and had a blast in the sunshine before the movie. We watched Inside Out and it was especially poignant knowing that we are about to embark on our own moving adventure. It was extra special to have Marcie and my sister there. My friends gifted me with thoughtful gifts and Martha and Clark gave me a new coffee pot! I sipped prosecco under the stars with Marcie and my sister and my husband by my side and all my friends around me. I had a great night.
Sunday morning I went and had brunch with Stacey and Alex at Palmers in the courtyard. We had originally planned to drive to Austin to Fonda San Miguel, but at the last minute it fell apart. This was a good back up plan and we had a lovely time chatting and eating. I have great friends in my home town.
Sunday afternoon, Michael and the boys and I went over to my mom and dad's house and hung out with my grandma and Larry and all the caregivers and Marcie. Larry and GG and the caregivers left after a while and mom made us all amazing stewed tomato and tuna soup and we sat around the big table and played Catan and laughed with Marcie. It was the best.
Monday I had to drive Marcie back to the airport, but before she left, we had a lunch, just the two of us at Casa Maria. I love her so much.
That evening we had ranch happy hour to celebrate my birthday with the family. My mama made me a cake and gifted me with Euros (perfect since we leave for Europe on Friday). My Uncle Larry gave me some home made canned goods that are fabulous and my grandma gave me a card with cash (always a winner). I blew out candles and drank wine and made merry.
I love my family and where we live. I am savoring the good times.

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